Quail Ridge, Hawk’s Nest, and River Bluffs Sewer Cleaning



Ron Holladay, Superintendent

P.O. Box 303, Battle Ground, Indiana, 47920

Town Hall:  (765) 567-2603, fax: 567-4115



To Utility Customers:

Your sewer lines will be inspected on January 29, 2018.

To keep the sewage collection system in good shape, we have arranged to have the sewer mains cleaned and checked for damage.

A service has been hired to clean the mains with a high pressure jet that will remove roots and any blockages. Then we’ll be running a camera to check for any cracks or problems with the pipes.

You may see red trucks from Town of Battle Ground or AccuDig, parked on your street. All work is done through manholes.

No one will be asking to enter your home.

If your sewer vent isn’t working properly there could be some back flow or bubbling in drains or toilets. To minimize any cleanup please leave toilet lids down until the project is complete.