National Safe Digging Month

The start of spring means National Safe Digging Month is almost here! This April marks the 10th annual month-long campaign reminding Indiana residents to always contact 811 before any digging project. Throughout April, Indiana 811 wants to make sure you have everything you need to share the message of protecting underground utilities with your employees and customers.

Get ready for National Safe Digging Month by visiting the Indiana 811 website today to find helpful resources to raise awareness about the 811 message, including updated resources and templates, such as logos, fact sheets, web banners, templates for press releases, radio ads and more. Click here to access these tools and view the Indiana 811 marketing toolkit. To order an 811 banner for National Safe Digging Month, click here.

Contact Chuck Muller at cmuller@indiana811.org with any questions.

Thanks for helping to protect Indiana’s underground utilities, and have a happy National Safe Digging Month!

Chuck Muller
Director of Member and Public Relations
Indiana 811